Open Source vs Closed Source – Which CMS is suitable for your Industry?

In this digital space where content plays a key role, choosing a suitable CMS for your industry has become a concern. Content Management System (CMS) allows users to publish, edit or modify their content even when the user is not required to have knowledge of any coding. Thus, it has made publishing and editing task... Continue Reading →


Is Facebook Marketing effective?

What started as a social media website, Facebook today has enormously impacted our lives. It goes without saying that Facebook hasn’t just entered in our personal life but in our professional life as well. Some years back, there was no job which involved skills applied in marketing your product or services on Facebook. Over these years, Facebook has evolved a lot and has taken over the traditional channels of marketing. And gave rise to new era of Digital marketing, where people started using... Continue Reading →

Top 8 AI Experts to follow in 2019

The world is changing every day. We come across several things which didn’t exist in our life few decades ago. We are living in an era where technology has touched every sphere of our life. And now this is the age of some of the most advanced technologies which are being worked upon by individuals... Continue Reading →

Yes, we can do it…

I have heard people talking so much about luck, fate, fortune destiny, future etc. I have seen people fearing from this fate factor. They are scared of it and compromise with it. But long does it remain? It is never known. But is it something to be of so much value that people do rituals... Continue Reading →

You will be what you dream…

You have walked long You have stayed awake sleepless nights Hunger you have embraced And tears you have swallowed You have waited long You have stayed all alone You have seen life at its hardest and you have painted your dreams with your sweat You have fallen in the dark You have been misled And... Continue Reading →

Why is Personal Networking Important?

If we speak about business, the importance of networking can be understood. But when it comes to networking at personal level, this term needs little attention. Networking at personal level or simply personal networking is finding its roots everywhere these days. People love to connect with each other these days. Social media has made is... Continue Reading →

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