You will be what you dream…

You have walked long You have stayed awake sleepless nights Hunger you have embraced And tears you have swallowed You have waited long You have stayed all alone You have seen life at its hardest and you have painted your dreams with your sweat You have fallen in the dark You have been misled And... Continue Reading →


Applying Artificial Intelligence to Our Daily Life

Ben Cooper, a 13 year old student enters a competition and wins a smart house named Pat. The smart house is capable of managing everything from lights to kitchen on its own. It picks posts from the box. It talks with Ben and works on his command. The house was based and developed on AI... Continue Reading →

Why is Personal Networking Important?

If we speak about business, the importance of networking can be understood. But when it comes to networking at personal level, this term needs little attention. Networking at personal level or simply personal networking is finding its roots everywhere these days. People love to connect with each other these days. Social media has made is... Continue Reading →

From Idea to Branding

It is astonishing to imagine how ideas have changed the concept of living the life. Who has ever thought of doing daily routine tasks just sitting at home with a small smartphone? When the car was made, it changed the way of personal transportation. When the computer came, it changed the way of doing business.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes When You Are Alone

There's something which I have always wanted to avoid. But the more I do, I more I find it closet. Life's little harder sometimes when you are alone. Life's all beautiful, people say. Indeed this is beautiful. But there are moments when you feel things don't work they way they are supposed to be. When... Continue Reading →

Life Is A Series of Events

Life’s certainly a series of events which don’t seem to be decided in our knowledge. All we have got to know is the long journey and with our knowledge and intellectual power, we are al… Source: Life Is A Series of Events

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